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Superior Equipment

equipment1Active Displacement Disc Technology (ADDT)

ADDT provides the operator with direct access to the platelet buffycoat layer, providing a high yielding concentrate.  This single feature provides optimal flexibility, allowing the operator to adjust platelet concentrations on the fly.

Consistent Outcomes Regardless of Volume or Hematocritt

ADDT accesses the concentrate at any point of separation. The GenesisCS Platelet Concentrating System is not volume or hematocrit dependent.  Users can process any volume amount in the Concentrating Device.  GenesisCS is designed to function even when less than optimal blood samples are attained.

Closed System Processing

equipment2Closed system processing maximizes safety & ensures sterility throughout the process.

Full Swinging Bucket with Soft Braking Technology

Optimizes separation & enhances the buffycoat concentrate. GenesisCS Executive Series Centrifuge provide full vertical to horizontal separation in a smooth and unhindered motion. With soft braking technology the acceleration and deceleration is controlled to prevent the buffycoat from re-suspending into the plasma after separation.

Superior Point of Care System

SYAFour of the most frequently used point-of-care autologous PRP systems were compared by an independent laboratory.All systems concentrated platelets and WBC to varying degrees. Part of the variance was related to efficiency of platelet recovery and part was due to the volume of the PRP product produced. The Arthrex ACP system contained the lowest concentration of WBC and platelets, with a mean platelet concentration of 70% greater than baseline levels. With respect to efficiency of platelet recovery, the GenesisCS and systems excelled with an average of 80% platelet yield across 3 donors.  The highest yields were seen with the Genesis system; however the Smart PreP2 APC system was slightly more consistent between donors as reflected in the greater difference in sample median vs. sample mean in Table V.



SYA2The measured concentration of growth factors, PDGF-A/B, TGF-β1, VEGF, and SDF-1α were all highest in the PRP produced with the GenesisCS system. The releasate concentrations of PDGF-A/B, TGF-β1 and to a lesser extent SDF-1α, correlate with the platelet count in the PRP.  VEGF concentrations are influenced by both platelet and WBC concentrations.  The efficiency of platelet and WBC recovery, the ability of the recovered platelets to retract the thrombin clot and ration of PRP volume to processed volume affect these results. The Arthrex ACP system despite only a 4mL PRP volume, only processed 9mL of blood vs. 54 or 56 mL for the other systems. In addition the PRP from the Arthrex ACP system did not have significant concentrations of platelets or WBC.